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Rental Cabin Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Mountaineer Cleaning and Maintenance

Mountaineer Cleaning & Maintenance is your one-stop-shop for your cabin rental service needs:
cleaning, laundry, maintenance, landscaping, hot tubs, and much more.

Mountaineer Cleaning and Maintenance

Cabin Cleaning

Rental Cabin Cleaning

At Mountaineer Cleaning we provide a departure clean after every guest checks out for the entire cabin, using hospital-grade cleaning chemicals and hospital grade standards with our own personal touch.  If you are looking for the best Rental Cabin Cleaning Company in Gatlinburg TN Call Us Today at (865) 409-5700 for a Free Quote

  • General Cleaning: Includes kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, game rooms, bar areas, decks, patios, stairs, floors, trash removal

  • ​Linens: to dress your rental, we wash all our linens in the house at our facilities. This is to ensure clean, freshly pressed linens at every stay with crisp, white-colored semi-plush towels and standard hotel-style sheets

  • Guest Services: we know that providing high quality guest services from afar can be very difficult. That’s why we also offer guest services at affordable prices.

  • Hot Tub Services: hot tubs are a common item that our area's rentals have. Our staff are trained on how to properly treat and clean hot tubs.

Cabin Maintenance

Rental Cabin Maintenance & Inspections

At Mountaineer Cleaning we can provide a variety of maintenance services for your rental cabin

Maintenance: we have a skilled maintenance team that can provide general maintenance services for your property. We can also provide minor repairs and services, such as: tile cleaning, painting and staining or other minor repairs to keep your rental property in tip top shape for your guests.

Landscaping: we offer routine lawn care through one of our partners which includes Mowing/Weed eating and debris removal from driveways, walkways, flowerbeds and porches accessible from outside

Pest Control: we are partnered with one of the best Pest Control Companies in the area. Ask us how we can sign you up on their monthly affordable program. 

Inspection: If needed, we can provide you with an inspection report for your cabin rental. There is a fee associated with our cabin rental inspections.

COVID 19 Update

COVID-19 Protocols

We are in unprecedented times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to create stress and uncertainty for businesses across the country. We understand that this may be putting pressure on your vacation rental business. The hallmark of a true partner is the act of standing with clients and supporting them in the most challenging times. We wanted to reach out to you personally to share the steps Mountaineer Cleaning and Maintenance is taking to help you during these turbulent times. 


Concerning how we protect your guests from easily communicable diseases such as rhinovirus (cold), flu, norovirus, and coronavirus.


Hot Tub: Drain, clean, and refill hot tub after every guest. Fresh Bromine is used after every refill to ensure proper sanitation

Linens: The bedding, towels, and other linen goods are ALL collected for laundering and processed in temperatures that exceed those recommended for laundry operations. Linens are packaged until the housekeeping staff are ready to put them out for guests.

Cabin: Staff use hospital grade chemicals throughout the home and on all hard (counters, vanities, sinks, floors, stair rails, cabinets, doors, etc.) and soft surfaces (furniture, beds, pillows, carpets, comforters, etc.).

Staff: Housekeeping staff have been fully instructed in the proper methods of cleaning and preparing a home for your guests. Staff who handle tasks at the company's facilities, such as laundry and maintenance, have also been instructed in the safety procedures necessary to protect themselves and products destined for guest use.

Housekeeping and inspection staff have been instructed to immediately report anything that may lead them to believe that there is/was a health issue in a home. Company management will then instruct them as to how to best address it; sending additional resources if required.

Staff are instructed to report any signs of symptoms they or other employees may exhibit. Depending on the symptom, its severity, and guidance from health officials, appropriate action will be taken to minimize and eliminate any chance of transmission or exposure.


If your guests have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our Team Members. 

We will stay in touch to keep you aware of any further decisions or adjustments and, as always, want to thank you for being a valued client. At times like these, we are especially grateful for the work and we are committed to supporting and cleaning your property rental. 

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